The Davidian Massacre – eBook Online

Disturbing Questions about Waco which Must Be Answered

© 1995 Carol Moore

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List of Davidian Victims

1.      Why the BATF and the FBI Massacred the Branch Davidians

2.       The BATF’s Flawed Investigation

3.       The BATF’s Ruthless Raid Plan

4.       The BATF Initiated Violent Raid

5.       The BATF Actions Led to Ten Deaths

6.       The BATF and Treasury Department Coverups

7.       FBI Imposed Militaristic Siege

8.       FBI Sabotaged Negotiations

9.       FBI Tricked Attorney General Into Approving Gas and Tank Assault

10.     FBI’s April 19th Gas and Tank Attack

11.     FBI Tank Attacks Led to Fire and Death

12.     The FBI-Justice Department-White House Coverup

13.     Congressional Hearings Continued the Coverup

The Davidian Massacre was published as a mass market paperback by Gun Owners Foundation and Legacy Communications in October, 1995.  Copyright 1995 Carol Moore ISBN 1-880692-22-8 Not for redistribution on the internet or other media without explicit permission.

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This electronic version does not contain some stylistic changes made by the editor; other grammatical and punctuation changes have been made.  Corrections, additions, comments and updates will be made in the near future and clearly identified by italics and other notations. Some links to other pages also will be included.
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